heart refuge (digital single)

by braeyden jae

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digital single for heligator records. here's what they have to say about the track.

The heart needs a home. Although it may sit protected beneath bone and sinew in relatively prime real estate deep in the center cavity. It's eviction notice is eminent and is held at the whim of capricious landlords.

In a second we can find it homeless. Wandering Central Business Districts and sleeping underneath overpasses clinging to whatever will love it - conscious it is making some very bad decisions.

This is a universal thing, I guess. Braeyden Jae's longing drones and heart-piercing lead guitar (if there is such a thing in drone-based guitar music) say more about a heart suddenly finding itself sleeping out of doors than any pop song or 3AM text saying, "bruh, she gone..."

It is a fitting piece of music for Heligator's mission. At my time at the Refugee Camp in Swaziland, Africa I saw a lot of pain. Entire generations wiped out by war and genocide. Family members still in conflict-ridden areas. The constant feeling of displacement. But also, like this track, I saw the resiliency and hope that make the heart the strongest muscle in the body. New lives and loves despite deep emotional (and often) physical scarring.

All proceeds go to the Malindza Refugee Camp Library.



released May 21, 2015

heart refuge was performed and recorded by braeyden jae

album art by braeyden jae



braeyden jae Oakland, California

making sounds.

always complicit.

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